RANA Experience with Nat Geo

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Marc's experience as a sniper in the jungles of South America earned him a position on an around the world expedition with legendary captain Sir Peter Blake...featured on Nat Geo and Discovery Channel.

Following a journey to Patagonia, and then further south than any vessel had travelled through the Antarctic ice shelf of King George VI Sound at 70º South—Marc scouted a 3,000 mile journey solo through the Amazon Basin for his captain and crew.

Marc had the early version of the Viper BASHA as his primary source of shelter for his entire journey—in his survival suit during paragliding journeys in world record locations.

rana gear, marc lonergan-hertel antarctica

and on the dive boat following filmed dives with Leopard Seals and Humpback whales under the Antarctic ice.

rana gear, marc lonergan-hertel

The journey for Marc almost ended after a near death experience on a river he named Sierra Two in a remote region of the Amazon called the Lost World, high in the Guiana Shield of Venezuela.

rana gear, marc lonergan-hertel, sierra two

With only his early version of the BASHA and a few supplies, Marc lost his jungle guide to a tragic boat accident that left him abandoned in the jungle with multiple leg injuries and a raging fever. With the help of the blanket to keep him warm in the high elevation rains—and a small band of Hoti Indians, he was able to recover and return to base.

It is this experience that left an indelible passion for Marc to develop his blanket into a product for many to utilize in their every day lives, their adventures, and times of emergency.